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About Our Company

The brand name of Panika Milk & Milk Products Pvt Ltd., is a farm-to-table company that promises 100% chemical preservative-free milk and dairy products, within 12 to 24 hours of milking. The company prides itself on steering the industry towards higher standards of quality, freshness, and transparency!

Our Wide Range of Healthy Products. Our Ghee variants also offer a variety of benefits with Buffalo Ghee. Our Delicacies also include Flavoured Yogurt, Dahi, Special and Lassi, Masala Chaas, Paneer and Festive Sweets!

Is to be India’s most trusted and leading ‘Farm-to-Table’ company, dedicated to delivering fresh, unadulterated, and chemical preservative-free milk and dairy products directly to the consumers within 12-24 hours of milking.

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Mission and Vision

Our goal is to deliver completely pure products to your table and continuously introduce new
items with the same commitment to 100% purity.

Our Vision

To be the trailblazer in the dairy industry, transforming the way people experience and perceive milk. We aspire to be more than a brand – a symbol of excellence, innovation, and sustainability, setting new standards for quality, health, and ethical practices in the dairy sector.

Our Mission

Empowering lives through wholesome dairy experiences, we are committed to ensuring the prosperity of our farmers and the well-being of our consumers. We strive to achieve this by sourcing milk responsibly, applying cutting-edge technology for production, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Our mission extends beyond providing nutrition; it encompasses building a community where every drop of milk embodies our dedication to health, happiness, and a sustainable future.

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In this process chilled raw milk is heated until it reaches 161℉. It's then held at that temperature for at least 15 seconds before it's quickly cooled back to its original temperature of 39℉.

Quality Control

A special team ensures the right quality is served to every single customer by regular testing in laboratories.


Panika acts a one stop destination for buying packaged & loose milk and milk products as per their convenience.

Pure & Fresh

Our logistics & planning helps us in serving fresh products everyday..

Customer Service

At Panika, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.


Having 16 outlets spread across Delhi, helps us in serving quality to customers at their convenience.